Charles Alden Seltzer

Charles Alden Seltzer is an American writer, born on the 15th of August 1875 in Janesville, Wisconsin. He is the author of many successful pulp fiction novels, western novels and stories. A large number of stories were published in Argosy, a famous pulp magazine which belonged to Frank Munsey. A lot of people consider Argosy the first American pulp magazine ever written.

The magazine was launched on the 2nd of December 1882 in New York, it had eight pages and its price was not more than five cents. The writers that published stories in the first issue of Argosy were Horatio Alger and Edward Ellis. The name of the magazine was changed into 'The Argosy' in 1888 and in 1919, the magazine became known as Argosy and Railroad Man's Magazine due to its merge with Railroad Man's Magazine until 1920, when the name was changed again into Argosy All Story Weekly. Numerous successful writers published their stories in the weekly pulp magazine. Actually the pulp magazine trend lasted from 1896 until 1950 and it was very appreciated by readers all over the country.

Charles Alden Seltzer published numerous western fiction stories for Argosy. Some of his well know stories are: The Trail Horde, Beau Rand, Lonesome ranch, West of Apache Pass, Kingdom in the Cactus, The raider, Gone north, Arizona Jim or Double cross ranch. These pulp fiction stories were published between 1911 and 1943. Charles Alden's inspiration for his pulp fiction novels and stories comes from his experience after he lived for five years in New Mexico.

Charles Alden worked as a painter, building inspector and other different jobs before having success with his writing. Some of Charles Alden's novels have been screened. Some of the movies are Chain Lightning, Square Deal Sanderson or Brass Commandments. Charles Alden Seltzer died on the 9th of February 1942.

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