Pulp Fiction Novels and Pulp Magazines

Pulp fiction is a type of fiction that was previously printed on pulp style paper hence the culturally adapted name. They were at the time occasionally known as dime store novels, and they were somewhat looked down upon due to their inexpensive nature. It was too often assumed that the low price also related to low quality, much like current romance writers are often looked down upon by those who are only interested in what they deem valuable literature. That doesn’t often include genre fiction, which is often what pulp fiction novels and short story anthologies contained. Though they were printed and published in magazines and novels they were not taken seriously. The writers, however, have fought their way to places of huge importance in the world of literature and writing. Writers included the likes of Isaac Asimov, the author of I Robot and the founder of the thirty year old Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, and Stephen Crane the author of The Red Badge of Courage an American classic.

Another prominent portion of the Pulp fiction and pulp Fiction Novels was the detective novel. Pulp fiction detective novels are sometimes the basis for the modern detective comic book. A large amount of information may be found on the detective novel portion of Pulp books on pulprak.com. Detective novels like Flesh and Blood where it is somewhere between a mystery novel and the classic detective story come together and blend to make classic example of Pulp books.

Pulprack.com offers more information regarding this vast and interesting part of American Literature, which like Comic Books sometimes gets a reputation that isn’t deserved. Just because this was a less expensive alternative doesn’t mean that these stories weren’t an important part of our cultural history. To answer what is pulp you will have to explore the vast and fascinating genres which were printed.